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As a Senior-Level Executive with full P&L responsibility, I have proven my value and success at Profit Maximization via Cost Reduction through the following:

  • PROCESS IMPROVEMENT - Standardized project management and software development planning, scheduling, and operating procedures, resulting in an increase in 25% delivery rates.
  • OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY - Implemented IT development standards for the entire division, reducing system update time and new customer account setup time by more than 80%.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT - Strengthened department by planning conversion strategy to transition key contractor personnel to full-time employees, reducing expenditures by $1.5M.
  • FISCAL ANALYSIS - Performed corporate financial reconciliations against contractual specifications, actual services provided, and internal labor costs, identifying key areas continually underestimated. In addition, identified $100K in supplemtal and unrealized revenue due to improper invoicing, reporting, and data management procedures.
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING - Developed strategies to manage large programs more cost effectively through project deliverable re-use, shared client communications and reduced duplicate project reporting, and integrated staff management.
  • VENDOR NEGOTIATING - Reduced software costs by 40% by negotiating enterprise license agreements and support contracts.

For more information about my contributions to Cost Reduction, please contact me.