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I possess a unique and diverse managerial, technical, and industry background which provides me with a wide vision and broad persepctive for formulating business decisions.

  • INDUSTRY TENURE - 25+ years industry experience, 20+ years in management
  • INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE - HealthCare/Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Retail/Consumer Products, Government, Utilities/Energy, Media, Education
  • KEY FOCUS AREAS - IT Operational and Departmental Management, Strategic Planning and Process Improvement, Program and Project Management, Enterprise Software Development and System Architecture, Office Buildouts
  • SUCCESS FACTORS - Career Success attributed to the following:
  1. A Transformational Leadership style lending from a strong Work Ethic and Value System
  2. Ability to define short term actions that will compliment future goals and strategies
  3. Earning the trust of my superiors, staff, and partners through my values and actions
  4. Skill at crisis management and conflict resolution
  5. A strong emphasis on superior customer service

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