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I possess a unique and diverse managerial, technical, and industry background which provides me with a wide vision and broad persepctive for formulating business decisions.

  • EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT - I've sat as a Member of various Executive Steering and Management Committees, responsible for planning the strategic and financial direction of the company.
  • OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT - I managed the expansion of a satellite office for an eBusiness Consulting firm, overseeing almost $10M in sales and building a team of 30+ consultants.
  • MANAGED PROGRAMS - I managed over $6M in client accounts, doubled my project staff, added proper PM processes, which led to an additional $2M of project work due to client satisfaction.
  • FOUND MONEY - I performed corporate financial reconciliations of contractual specifications across all assigned accounts, resulting in $100K+ in supplemental and unrealized gains.
  • MANAGED LARGE TEAMS - I managed $5M annual budgets and staff of 50+ (Directors, Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, BD Reps, Programmers - FTE's and Contractors).
  • SET UP A PMO - I set up a Project Management Office (PMO), defining all Project Management and Change Control policies and SOPs.
  • HIGH PROFILE PROJECTS - I managed the $1M project to redesign the FOXNEWS.COM website.
  • STARTUP GROWTH - I helped small Startup Companies define their technology usage/growth roadmap to help them evolve to a National level.
  • EVOLVED WITH INDUSTRY CHANGES - I designed and built one of the first systems to handle Power Transaction Brokerage when Pennsylvania deregulated Power Suppliers.
  • CROSS-INDUSTRY SUCCESS - I was able to make a signifanct significant impact in several industries (Financial Services, Pharmaceutical/HealthCare, Utilities/Energy, Media, Retail, State Government, and Education sectors).
  • OFFICE CONSTRUCTION - Oversaw the technical infrastructure design and implementation for a new 5-story office building (internal network wiring, virtualized servers, security systems, VOIP telephony, fiber internet, video conferencing).

For more information about these or any of my other Achievements, please contact me.